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jewelry created with upcycled starbucks cards

#5  Starbucks Siren Earrings
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These classic Starbucks siren earrings are upcycled using recycled Starbucks gift cards. The siren is set in a 12mm solid sterling silver bezel with a small diamond cut cubic zirconia stone set on the ear wire. The image is sealed and protected with a thick domed layer of clear resin. The earrings are 1 1/8 inches long. Perfect gift for your favorite Starbucks barista.

Each pair is made to order.

This is not official Starbuck merchandise.


Our Price:  $25.00  

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2013 Katie Carrin - all rights reserved
San Francisco, California

The Starbucks logo and all card designs belong solely to Starbucks. The jewelry is not an official Starbucks
product. The jewelry is created using repurposed official Starbucks gift cards that were headed for the trash.
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