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A Bit About Me



Jewelry made from upcycled Starbucks gift cards

I grew up in a family that loves to collect and create. I went to many garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets looking for little treasures to rescue and restore. So when my sister told me she collected Starbucks gift cards and asked if I would keep an eye out for new cards in my travels it piqued my interest. I went on the internet and googled Starbucks gift card collecting and I discovered that there were websites devoted to collecting these cards. I quickly learned which cards were rare and common, and how to grade the quality of the card and the value. As I studied each card's history and unique artwork I was inspired to create a line of contemporary jewelry that would highlight the essence of each card. After much research and effort I have acquired a large collection of used Starbucks gift cards that were headed for the landfill and are now the focus of my upcycled jewelry line.
I love turning trash into treasure. This line of jewelry is colorful, fun and good for the environment. If you are a Starbucks card collector this is the perfect way to wear your collection....and if you are not a collector you will be 'charmed' by the colorful and whimsical images in this unique line of jewelry.
You may already know my original line of sea glass jewelry...


Genuine sea glass, pearl and gemstone jewelry

I have always loved making jewelry. As a child I remember getting together with girlfriends and “doing beads”. In my 20’s I returned to my childhood passion when my family decided that we had to make our holiday gifts. So I made a variety of earrings with pearls and gemstones and put them in a basket and let everyone pick out the pair they liked. I enjoyed making them so much that I started a small business making jewelry. One of my best customers was my family's art gallery in Half Moon bay. In addition to being a massage therapist, teacher and author I am now a street artist in San Francisco where I sell my my original line of jewelry that incorporates sea glass, pearls and gemstones into beautiful necklaces and earrings on the Embarcadero near the Ferry Building. This line of jewelry was inspired by my childhood sea glass collection. I have fond memories of beach-combing as a child with my grandfather who took me camping along the Northern California Coast. We would walk along the beach and I would collect sea glass and sea shells and he would pick up all the trash that washed up on the beach. Since then, I have traveled to many places around the world collecting sea glass for my jewelry designs.


©2013 Katie Carrin - all rights reserved
San Francisco, California

The Starbucks logo and all card designs belong solely to Starbucks. The jewelry is not an official Starbucks
product. The jewelry is created using repurposed official Starbucks gift cards that were headed for the trash.
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